Be the MASTER of your MAIDs

Farm $MAID coins by playing games and stack NFT beauties ❤️

Gameplay Trailer

Collect NursePart NFTs by completing passive raids and assemble Nurse NFTs to earn more $MAIDs!

What is MaidCoin?

MaidCoin is a blockchain-fueled game that anyone can enjoy with MetaMask. Earn $MAID coins with Maid & Nurse NFTs!


Only 36 Maid NFTs will be sold to the public at first. With a Maid NFT, you can reduce the time to get  Nurse NFTs. Since they're rare, you could also sell them to the market.

Yield Farming + Game

By holding a Nurse NFT, you can earn $MAID coins for every block. To get one, you need to assemble a set of NursePart NFTs that you can get by finishing raids.

How to participate

Assemble Nurse NFTs

Start a raid by paying $MAID coins as entrance fee. After 1-3 days of period, you get a randomized NursePart NFT. With a predefined set of those, you can assemble a Nurse NFT.
As long as you hold the NFT, you can earn $MAID coins every block.

Support Nurse NFTs

Even though you don't have any Nurse NFT, you can still be a part of it by supporting it. With staking $MAID-WETH LP(SushiSwap) tokens, you can be a supporter and you'll get distributed the newly generated $MAID coins per your share.

Enter The Farm

You don't have a NFT and you also don't want to support any Nurse? You still have away to earn coins: the farm. The farm is always open for you so if you stake $MAID-WETH LP (SushiSwap) tokens, it's only a matter of time to get $MAID coins.

Initial DEX Offerings

All the token offerings will happen in a fully decentralized manner in SushiSwap ecosystem.

$MAID (ERC-20)

$MAID coins will be offered in a decentralized launchpad so the opportunity is equal for everyone.


30 MAID NFTs will be offered in Ethereum, 6 in Polygon(Matic). Follow our twitter for details.


Nurses will not be offered initially. To win the competition, start assembling Nurse NFTs! 😍


Farms Launch on Ethereum/Polygon
September 2021

Initial 4 Raids will be open so that users can participate to enter DeFi Farms(NURSE NFTs) on Ethereum and Polygon in turn. More MAID NFTs, NURSE NFTs and Raids will be added.

Collectible Card Game Release on Polygon
4th Quarter 2021

Just like 'Magic: The Gathering' or 'Hearthstone', users can play CCG using NFTs. Additional to NURSE NFTs, new types of cards will be released in the form of NFTs.

Stats Tracker Release (Android/iOS App)
1st Quarter 2022

Users can check stats and leaderboard rankings of DeFi Farms & CCG easily. It also sends them push notifications whenever there's a sudden change in their asset values.


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